Template Based Website

Template Based Website

There are tons of website design templates available online. Many of these are free, while some come at a cost. A common problem with almost all web design templates is that they need modifications to suit your business needs. Modifying the colors to suit your corporate identity and logo, and changing the standard navigation to align with your website's content and navigation needs are just some of the problems of using template based website designs.

VTech SEO solves the problem by customizing a template based website design of your choice to suit your needs. Effectively, you save on the cost of creating a new design for your website and pay a nominal fee for customizing the design.

Template based website pricing

You can choose from any of the website design templates created by VTech SEO in the past. We will customize these designs to suit your business needs before executing the design. You only pay a nominal design fee to adapt these design templates for your business. Write to us about our existing design templates.

Template based website pricing

Have you seen a website template that you like? We will be happy to customize the template for your business. Many web design templates are available free on the web. You just need to provide us with the template of your choice and we will customize the design while creating your website for a nominal design fee.

Other Web Design Services

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